I’m currently attending my third year at the Thompson Rivers University working towards getting my Bachelor of Social Work, and I enjoy taking courses that give me an opportunity that will give me more knowledge about the history of Indigenous peoples as I hope it will benefit me once I am in the field of working alongside Aboriginal agencies when it comes to child welfare. Being First Nations I believe it is important to know the history and as I heard in one of the seminars where Tracy had brought in a speaker, and he had stated that if we were being asked anything about other states that we would know the answer right away because that is what we all have been taught since starting school, but when asked about first nations territories and the main languages etc,. we would not be able to answer so easily as it is something that is not taught in many curriculum’s and I think it is important to not only know the history of other countries, but to know the history behind First Nations. I’ve grown up knowing my language and my culture, but there came certain circumstances where I was not able to learn about my culture and the history when it came to Indigenous history. I’m taking every opportunity to learn about the different views whether it be from my anthropology, history, and social work practices. I came into this term overwhelmed with all the subjects that where from all different courses; however, when it came to the history of aboriginal peoples I was lucky enough to learn about different views and to come home to someone who has played a big role when it came to being Cheif for many years along with being a Councillor who has a background when it comes to the knowledge of our past and to put the pieces together and understanding the whole picture.